When you enter the Parent Portal from the invite link (after the first time and you have completed the Parent Portal Registration) you will have access your progress on the Young Leader scheme, dates of Modules (Events) and details of personal and contact details that you can update.


On the Events screen you will find dates of future modules to sign up for.

Selecting Open, will give you more details about the Event and allow you to sign up to attend.


On the Badges Screen you will find Young Leaders ‘Completing the Scheme’.

Selecting the Young Leaders ‘Completing the Scheme’ will open up a list of the modules and Missions you have completed. If you think you have completed something and its not shown, contract the Young Leader team so it can be corrected.

Personal Details

Personal Details screen allow you to update your personal and family details.

Look up your local Scout Group, because you’ve got a safe, practical community who will encourage and support you.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls