This section is for Explorer Scout Leaders who have Explorers who are thinking about or could benefit from completing the Young Leaders scheme.

What is the Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ Scheme?

Explorer Scout Young Leaders volunteer alongside adult leaders in a Squirrel Dray, Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or
Scout Troop. Explorer Scout Young Leaders may also be young people who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards or Kings’s Guide Award, volunteering as non-members of the Scouts for a set period of time. You can find out more details about Explorer Scout Young Leaders and how to support them in your section here.

Can the Explorers in my unit be Young Leaders as well?

Yes, Explorer Scouts can belong to multiple Explorer Scout Units, so don’t need to leave you to join the Young Leader ESU. Please though be considerate of conflicts, for example, when they are asked to attend St Georges Day with the section they are a Young Leader with rather than parade with the unit – be proud they are there and know they are also part of your unit.

How do I registered members as Young Leaders?

Make sure the Young Leader team know they are helping with a section, and they will keep them and you informed of training opportunities and other support that is available.
The Young Leader Unit uses OSM, so if your Unit uses OSM, it is as simple as sharing the member from your OSM to the Horsham Young Leaders Explorer Scout Unit.

To share the member in OSM, find the member, select MORE and then “Share with another section“.

Then select “Explorers (and Network)”, “Horsham District: Horsham District Young Leaders” and “SHARE ONE MEMBER“.

Do I need to help find them a section to help with?

You probably have links with the groups or sections who feed your unit, so contacting them in the first instance is the best place to start, if not as make contact with them first, if not contact the Young Leader team.

How do they complete the Modules?

The modules are run through out the year by the Young Leader team at various Scouts Headquarters around the Horsham area. See Young Leader Modules for the dates and how to sign up for a session.

How can I support my Explorers with the Young Leader Scheme?

Take time to talk with your Explorers about the scheme and encourage them to take part in the Modules and Missions.

Can they use the Young Leader Scheme as part of Duke of Edingburghs Award?

Yes, Young people taking on their Duke of Edinburgh’s awards often use their volunteering through the Young Leader’s scheme for their Scouts top awards too. See here for some more details about Young Leaders and the DofE awards.

How do they complete the Modules?

The modules are run through out the year by the Young Leader team at various Scouts Headquarters around the Horsham area. See here for the dates and how to sign up for a session.

How do they get their Young Leader Award?

When they complete there “Module A – Prepare for take-off ” module (which they should do in three months), they will be given a printed copy of the Young Leader Logbook, an Orange Card and presented with their Young Leader Award.

How do they complete their Missions?

The missions are an important part of the scheme. The section leaders they are working with should provide opportunities for the Young Leaders to complete the missions as part of their section programme. When they have completed a mission a mission strip will be can be issued by the Young Leader team.
When they have completed the entire scheme (all training modules and missions) they will be awarded the Young Leader belt buckle.

When it’s time for them to leave the scheme

When the Young Leader plans to finish  the scheme or about to become 18, make sure the Young Leader team are aware in advance so that they make sure they have been presented with their Explorer Scout Young Leader certificate.
Even though the Young Leaders scheme is for under 18s, they may like to stay on as adult leaders with the section, so please have a discussion with them. They can also wear a Explorer Scout Young Leader Service Award on their adult uniform.

Can I get more involved with supporting Young Leaders in Horsham?

Yes you can, the team of adults who support the Young Leaders Scheme are always looking for help and venues to meet. Helping could be helping with the administration of helping run a couple of Modules a year. If you are interested contract the Young Leader team.

Look up your local Scout Group, because you’ve got a safe, practical community who will encourage and support you.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls