Young Leaders

Young Leaders

Aged between 14 and 18? Do you enjoy a challenge? Why not become a Young Leader with Horsham District Scouts?

The Young Leader scheme is a challenging yet rewarding scheme that can be completed during your   time at Explorers. This scheme can be completed in as little as 18 months and is an excellent way to prepare yourself for becoming an Adult Leader or learning the basics of leading a team.

Broken up in to 11 training modules and 4 evidence-based “missions” which are completed over your time as a Young Leader to achieve a set of 5 badges and a belt buckle to wear with pride.

Each training module runs several times a year. The next wave of modules starts on 14 Nov 2020.  A full set of dates and times are kept updated below.  You can join in the training at any time of year.

Never been a scout before? This scheme can be used for personal development or the volunteering section of your DofE awards, whether it is 3, 6 or 12 months or even 4 years! Anyone is welcome this opportunity should not pass you up.

Please contact us on to register your interest.

Training for new and existing Young Leaders – don’t miss out on completing this Award

In a bid to make it easier for all, we have put together a list of training dates for the coming year (up to July). We will cover all of the modules twice – allowing those who need to compete their modules and those who are just starting access to them as well.

We have spread dates and times between various evenings and weekends to enable everyone to work around other commitments.

New/not already registered Young Leaders – just complete a google form to give us the information we need to get you started with the training (and matched with a section who need Young Leader support if not already allocated).

Click here to complete the Google form.


Below are a list of training dates for next few month for the Young Leaders to be aware of:

Module(s) to be covered Dates Time
A – Prepare for take off 21/11/2020 10:00-12:00
B – Taking the Lead 21/11/2020 13:00-14:00
D – Understanding behaviour 21/11/2020 14:00-15:00
J – Communicate it 08/12/2020 07:30-08:45
C – That’s the way to do it 23/01/2021 TBC
E – Game on! 23/01/2021 TBC
F – Making Scouting accessible and inclusive 23/01/2021 TBC
G – What is a high quality programme? 01/03/2021 19:30-21:00
H- Programme Planning 01/03/2021 19:30-21:00
I – What did they say? 01/03/2021 19:30-21:00
A – Prepare for take off 17/04/2021 10:00-12:00
B – Taking the Lead  17/04/2021 13:00-14:00
D – Understanding behaviour  17/04/2021 14:00-15:00
J – Communicate it 20/05/2021 07:30-08:45
C – That’s the way to do it 19/06/2021 TBC
E – Game on! 19/06/2021 TBC
F – Making Scouting accessible and inclusive 19/06/2021 TBC
G – What is a high quality programme? 13/07/2020 19:30-21:00
H- Programme Planning 13/07/2020 19:30-21:00
I – What did they say? 13/07/2020 19:30-21:00

For the first Modules next weekend please use the link below to book for the zoom details on Eventbrite (we will be looking at using this going forward as well so please do keep an eye out for these):

Adult Leaders – Share your experience – If anyone is interested with helping with the delivery of the scheme, please do let me know even if it is only for one or two of the modules that you may have some knowledge about. “Meeting” a variety of local scouting faces and hearing a range of experience really helps young leaders gain a wider breadth of knowledge.

Section Leaders – If your section could do with Young Leaders, please let us know so we can try help. Just post on the Young Leader Facebook page with the details below to be able to find new Young Leaders:

Your Group:
Meeting Day and Times:
Email address for contact:

Please use the following link to join the Young Leader Facebook page if not already a member:

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls