Show Your Pride – online Pride Festival

Date: 7th Jun 2020 Author: Sal Dartnell


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my name is James Clarke and I’m the LGBT+ advisor for West Sussex Scouts, part of the West Sussex Diversity & Inclusion team.

“Show Your Pride” will be a celebration of Diversity & Inclusion within Scouting, happening over 4 weeks for members of West Sussex. The reason for this event is driven by the cancelation of Pride events across West Sussex and the UK. This year we were gearing up to be part of 3 local prides (Worthing, Crawley & Bognor), which unfortunately all got cancelled.

Scouting is built upon values that are linked to being inclusive and supportive of everyone, so this event will do exactly that. We want all of West Sussex to come together and show their pride for Diversity & Inclusion.  One of our main events is that we are bringing Diversity & Inclusion training to members via zoom during the month. These are already receiving great feedback and interest, not only from West Sussex but also the wider movement. We are the only County currently offering this on the scale that we are, which is super exciting! I want to also extend these sessions to any young leaders or explorers who also want to join.

Other events are going to be announced in more detail in the coming weeks but they will include, musical bingo and a family quiz. Alongside these events, I’ll be asking everyone across West Sussex to submit drawings, pictures, poems and everything in-between of them “showing their pride” and sharing these throughout the event. This could offer some great programme ideas for all sections to be thinking about.

UK Scouting are putting together at home resources for all sections to participate in during UK Scout National Pride, which is happening towards the end of June. We will be partnering up with this for some of the events but that will become clearer later on.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls