Roffey Centenary Camp (at home)

Date: 8th Nov 2020 Author: Sal Dartnell

Super impressed by the adaptability, innovation and fun of the Roffey Centenary Camp. Thanks so much for sharing these uplifting pics…

As part of our centenary celebrations we had planned to hold a big family activity camp involving all sections, parents, and supporters but unfortunately, we were unable to go ahead because of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, undeterred, we re-invented the activity as a family “camp at home” format following on from the success of the national camp at home event held earlier in the year.

All our families, adult volunteers and other supporters were invited to camp in their own gardens for the weekend 25/26th July and we then provided two days of activities and challenges for everyone involved to have a go at. The event started with a camp opening ceremony on Zoom, complete with virtual flag break, after which we posted a selection of activities on -line on a regular basis throughout the rest of the camp.

We issued families with advanced information including items they might need for the activities as well as suggested menus and recipes for meals based on what our youngsters would have cooked and eaten in camp. That allowed any shopping to be done upfront so that everyone had what they needed to take part. Our idea was for the youngsters to do all the food preparation and cooking for the family just as they would, had they been in camp, but with parents providing supervision where required.

Altogether, we issued instructions for 22 activities included constructing a flagpole with home made flag, making a sundial, building egg transporters, tin can lanterns, building towers, baking in orange skins, edible rafts as well as a zoom based campfire karaoke session on Saturday evening.

The weather was unfriendly with a fair bit or rain, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Over 50 families took part, and everyone had a great time. It was so memorable we have now produced a camp blanket badge for all those who attended and a video of the highlights.

Our centenary year has not been what we planned but it has been truly memorable for all the right reasons. Resilience, excellent family support and undeniable enthusiasm are essential characteristics at the best of times but this year, more than ever. Despite the pandemic, at 1st Roffey we have had an absolutely great centenary.

Chris Sillett
Group Scout Leader
1st Roffey Scout Group

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