1st Cowfold Autumn Camp at Blacklands Farm

Over the weekend of the 19th to the 21st October 1st Cowfold Scout Group held a joint weekend camp at Blacklands Farm. Ten Cubs, thirty-two Scouts and eleven Explorers arrived on site Friday evening where they spent the first night exploring the site and getting to know each other. After a rather cold and frosty sleep the group were greeted by a beautiful October morning sunrise and after breakfast they set off for the first of their activities.

Mixing the various ages together, half the group hiked from the campsite around the local area while the other half participated in two of four activities – Crate Stacking, Climbing Challenge, Grass Sledging and Archery. After lunch the groups swapped round, with the morning hiking group staying on site for their activities and the others heading out for their hike. All members then took part in the short orienteering challenge before a greatly appreciated hot meal. The rest of the evening then consisted of a campfire with Explorers leading the singing and keeping the younger members of the group entertained.

Sunday morning offered the final set of activities – Tunnelling, Aero Ball, Bouldering and Low Ropes – before everyone helped strike camp and pack all the equipment away. It was a fantastic weekend full of many opportunities and challenges and a great chance for the three sections to mix.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the camp; the children should be proud of how they embraced all the challenges and thrived. Camping at this time of year is different but they persevered and ended up having a great weekend, gaining a positive skill set for life. Also a big thank you to all adult leaders and helpers with their organisational skills and support over this weekend. Without them, children wouldn’t have access to such fun adventures.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to become an adult volunteer in Scouting please contact Peter Scofield dc@horshamscouts.com


Ellen Barker – Group Scout Leader


What did the young people think about the weekend?


“On camp I had lots of fun doing the different activities like the climb challenge. On the first night it was so cold that I woke up not feeling my feet. However, the funniest part of camp probably was when we put bags on our feet to stop them getting wetter and colder from the night before. It was great because we always came back to cake after doing an activity in the cold, which gave us energy.  – Emily aged 13.


“I spent two days at Blacklands Farm. In the morning I could smell bacon when you got out of the tent. You got to do lots of activities such as tunnelling, low ropes, grass sledging and hiking. My favourite one was tunnelling because you could play hide and seek in the dark. On the last night we had a big fire. There were crates on it.”  – Callum aged 9.


“On camp the first night I was a bit crazy and wore shorts and a t-shirt it was very cold. Thankfully Anna was like my Mummy and told me to wear more which helped. Although it was very cold, I still enjoyed crate stacking and the campfire – Lydia aged 11.

Scouting Countdown!

“You should be on Countdown.”


How many times have I heard those words over the last 25 years? So finally I wrote off to Channel 4’s longest running show in March.


After a telephone audition, where I was asked a few questions about the personal information I had put on my application, and after discussing The Anagrammy Awards, Scouting and jazz I was given five letters games and two numbers rounds as a test. In the word games, I found some good words including a ‘nine’ and completed both number rounds well within time. All this meant I was assured a place on the program within the next six months. My filming date was finally set on 31st of July.


If you win your game, you become the champion and stay on, allowing you to be challenged by the next newcomer. It’s all done in Salford Media City, just over the ship canal from Old Trafford! 


With so much time to prepare before my filming date, I was able to rally some supporters and Jane came up along with both my sisters, my dad and my aunt. We all stayed in the same hotel and in the morning, I had everyone helping me with ironing the vast array of shirts I’d brought in case I needed them! I realised that if I did well, I would be filming on 1st August, Scout Scarf day, so I made sure I had my Scout uniform prepared hoping to be able to get a great photo opportunity.


I’ve kept it under wraps until now because I didn’t want people to know ahead of time how I got on, but on Monday 5th November, on an episode filmed on 1st August this year I’m on TV wearing my Scout uniform (with a poppy) and bigging up Remembrance Sunday!


Sadly because of the throat microphone, I wasn’t permitted to wear my necker on the television, but as you can see I managed to get a photo! All in all the experience of being on television was great fun, the presenters (Nick Hewer, Rachel Riley and Susie Dent) were great fun and the production crew were all so kind and helpful. The special guests were a hoot too and I got various photographs and autographs.


Because I won at least one show I had the famous Countdown Champion’s teapot added to my goodie bag (see photo below, taken on the train on the way home from Manchester). Perhaps going to a television studio to see a show being filmed could be an activity for Explorers? Countdown would certainly be a good option.


If you would like to know more about my experience or about the Anagrammy Awards I run or the charity I was supporting by dedicating my appearance on Countdown to a dear friend who died last year from Pancreatic Cancer, please visit http://www.anagrammy.com/HSP/Countdown.php


Chris Sturdy

Jamboree Clothing Collection

5th/10th Horsham Scouts Working With Community For Defibrillator


Both the Foresters Arms public house and the 5th/10th Horsham Scouts were looking to fundraise for a local defibrillator. Realising we both had the same aim in mind, we decided to join forces and fundraise together to provide a defibrillator for Bennetts Field. The idea was to locate it adjacent to the Scout hut, so 5th/10th Horsham Scouts can provide the electricity supply needed for the heated cabinet. The Foresters Arms raised funds through a raffle and pub quiz attended by various teams including one from the Scouts. You have to have a good team name for pub quizzes, so very tongue in cheek, we called ours the Ging Gang Goolies and won the quiz! We also applied to West Sussex County Council for a Community Initiative Fund grant and were awarded £500.

Having managed to raise the necessary funds we worked with Horsham Community Responders who provided the heated cabinet and have offered to come and give training on the use of the defibrillator. The Scouts will insure and maintain the defibrillator which is now up and ready to be used by the local community, Foresters Arms public house, Scouts, Montessori School, Dance Schools, Allotment holders and footballers at Bennetts Field.

I would just like to thank everyone who has been involved in the fundraising and organising to get this project up and running, especially Morwen Millson County Councillor, Marc Harold Response Team Leader and Colin James the Landlord of the Foresters. Hopefully the defibulator will never be needed, but if it is, it will hopefully make a difference to someone’s life.

Beverley Bell

Group Scout Leader


(L-R in bottom photo is County Councillor Morwen Millson, Marc Harrold Response Team Leader, Colin James Landlord of the Foresters and Beverley Bell Group Scout Leader)

Europa Explorer Unit


Last term we had a pretty fun packed time. In Europa we get to do lots of different activities, last term this included archery, hiking, water sports, film night (with popcorn!), pac man, bowling, Battle Of The Bands, ice skating and Taskmaster. We’ve also been able to take part in many different events including multiple hikes and many trips away from home. One of our favourite camps was the Hunted Camp. This camp took place at our nearby campsite and involved the leaders hunting the Explorers which made it more entertaining for us all. But what really made this camp our highlight of the term, was that it was in the snow. So we got to make snowmen, have snowball fights and how many people can say they’ve slept in tents in snow?!



As Explorer Units are all a part of Horsham Scout District, we get to take part in District events such as the Youth Shaped Camp. There we got to create our own sleeping areas as one of the many challenges. One of the groups made a bed out of pioneering poles, whilst another stacked up hammocks between two very sturdy trees (bunk hammocks!).We found this task challenging yet fun as we had never done anything like it before and the only thing limiting us was our imaginations. We had to try new things while working together with Explorers from other Units. By doing this, in my opinion, it helped us to be able to become more confident in ourselves and our ideas, as before then, bunk hammocks didn’t seem possible for us, but we proved ourselves wrong by making it possible (and they survived a whole night of us sleeping in them!). 



In Europa Explorers, we are lucky to have the opportunity to take part in many activities that most will never experience. Things like caving and air rifle shooting. We all had the chance at the start of the term to pitch an idea to the rest of the Unit about what we wanted to do later in that term. My group pitched to go to AirHop in Guildford for which a poster was created with costs, information, pictures and dates. The Unit voted on which idea we would all like to do and before we knew it we were there all bouncing around on trampolines there. 


We feel that moving up to the Explorer Unit from the Scout Troop has been a big change as it is a really different environment, and the relationship we have with our leaders is that we have mutual respect, which is great as we can joke around with them. We have also found that now being much older we are trusted with a lot more and we have a lot more freedom. Also our leaders are very understanding and get that we all have exams and sometimes we can’t be there. Overall Explorers is more relaxed than Scouts yet just as packed with fun activities and has even more adventures. 


by Holly, May and Lizzy




2nd Horsham Scout Group Cleans Up Rec Ground

The 2nd Horsham Scout Group, from the Swindon Road Scout HQ, staged a litter pick at Victory Road Recreation Ground on Sunday May 13th.

Some 40 Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, aged six to fourteen, plus volunteer leaders and helpers took part, working towards their World Challenge Award badges by helping their community. They collected about ten sacks of rubbish from around the cricket and football pitches. The litter pick was supported by Horsham District Council which lent litter picking sticks and gloves.

Caroline McCurrach: Assistant Group Scout Leader, said the weather was glorious and everyone enjoyed a delicious tea break with homemade cakes.

For more about the group visit https://www.horshamscouts.com/find-a-group/2nd-horsham-group/ 

Remembrance Sunday With The 1st Cowfold Scout Group

In the lead up to Remembrance Sunday, 1st Cowfold Scout Group researched into how we celebrate the day. They also looked into the role the Home Guard and Wardens played during the war and made poppy themed art for display.



On Remembrance Day itself, just over fifty young people, plus parents, grandparents and not forgetting some four legged friends, took part in an event at Shoreham-by-Sea. 1st Cowfold Scout Group patrolled the beaches as the Home Guard would have done. They then listened to talks about significance of poppies, Remembrance, Home Guard, Wardens and historical details about Cowfold during the war. It was a great chance for the scouts to immerse themselves in history and gain a fun way of understanding the past. One of the 1st Cowfold scout’s played trumpet for those attending followed by two minute silence. The event was finished with investing new members and Leaders. Thank you to all those who attended.



“I enjoyed taking part in the Remembrance event because it helped me remember the past and the men who were brave enough to fight for our country. It was respectful to take part in the two minute silence with the Beavers, Cubs, Explorers and Scouts. I helped lay the wreath on Shoreham beach and felt very proud.” Hugh aged 7

“This year we went to Shoreham beach for our Remembrance Sunday. Even though it was cold and windy, it was a lovely opportunity to remember the Home Guard, wardens and all other people that fought and served in the wars. While I was there, I thought about my great Grandpa and what it would be like to serve in the war.” Riley aged 9

Of course none of this could be possible without the help and support of the leaders and adult helpers. If you are interested in becoming more involved in Scouting as a leader please contact Peter Scofield – District Commissioner for  more information or go to https://www.horshamscouts.com/join-us/want-to-join/

Article and photographs by Ellen Barker 1st Cowfold Group Scout Leader.

Annual Horsham Riverside Walk


We were very proud to see that Scouting has again had a strong presence in the annual Riverside Walk. 1st Roffey supplied and erected the tents for the lunch stop at Warnham Nature Reserve providing shelter for all the intrepid walkers. There was a strong turn out of adult volunteers, parents, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers from 1st Roffey and 5th/10th Horsham groups who walked part or all of the route for charity. Thirteen miles of it! They all had a chance to meet Jeremy Quin our local MP and Paddington Bear who were both present at Warnham.


It was great to see children of all levels in Scouting taking part in this annual event, giving them a chance to support a charity and strengthening the ties between Scouts and our local community. They were exceptional ambassadors for Scouting and should be proud of themselves.


Of course none of this could be possible without the help and support of the leaders and adult helpers. If you are interested in becoming more involved in Scouting as a leader please contact Peter Scofield – District Commissioner for  more information or go to https://www.horshamscouts.com/join-us/want-to-join/





Pete Chennell – RIP

There will be many who remember Pete Chennell who was a long serving Scout Leader with 5th Horsham Scout Group along with Grace Diplock and latterly as a stalwart member of the District campsite committee and warden team.
After Grace died Pete moved to Cornwall to be closer to her family with whom close and caring relationships had been formed.
Pete died on 8th June following a fall at home in February as a result of which he was admitted to a care home. He had been suffering with dementia but his condition deteriorated rapidly after the fall.
Beacon Hill Totem Poles

Pete Chennell’s totem poles

Pete created at least one if not both of the totem poles which stands outside Gummys at Beacon Hill campsite – hopefully these will remain for many years to come and will remind us of the contribution he made to Scouting in Horsham over many years.
Pete’s funeral will take place at Camborne Crematorium on Thursday 22nd June at 1 pm.
Representatives of Horsham Scout District will attend the funeral.
Pete specifically requested there should be ‘no flowers’ but donations instead to a charity. The family decided the most appropriate charity to be Dementia UK .
The contact for donations and cards is;
Sara Deason,
32 Meadow Drive,
TR17 7JB
An option for donations could be directly to Dementia UK
Donate in memory Donate in memory. Making a donation to Dementia UK in memory of a loved one is a special way to reach families living with dementia.
If this is your preferred option it would be good to let Sara know:  messages can be sent to Sara on – sara.deason@sky.com
If you have any stories or reminiscences about Pete (and Grace – they were a team) please send them to Sara as I am sure the family will want to hear them with a copy to dc@horshamscouts.com
Alternatively stories can be posted through the link below to the Horsham Scouts website
All postings will be moderated by the District Media Team before publication.
Pete Chennell
Rest in Peace