My Queen Scout Award by Henry Lowis



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I have recently completed my Queen’s Scout Award which is the culmination of my time in Scouting.  This is the top award that any Scout can achieve with only 1% achieving the award. It has taken nearly two years, logging my activities and achievements in Scouting as I progressed. To complete the award, you need to complete at least 18 nights away; environmental, international and value activity topics to show your understanding of these areas, and in my case, the completion of the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Gold award.


During my Scouting I completed over 100 nights away both camping and residential.  There are just too many to mention, but with some real memories that will last forever. The environmental section was a sailing voyage from Jersey up the English Channel to Ipswich over seven days in all kind of weathers, it’s somewhat cured my sea sickness. On this incredible trip I gained my competent crew award in sailing at times in typically British windy and wet weather.


The international aspect of the award came from the Scouts’ summer camp trip, to eastern France, where we participated in various activities with a French and Luxembourg based Scout Group. While we were there we visited the American War Cemetery at Epinal which fulfilled the values for the award. I have never seen so many Scouts so well behaved, interested and respectful when touring the cemetery, guided by an American Veteran. I completed my DofE Gold Award which required some volunteering, learning a new skill, taking part in a physical activity all over a period of 6 to 12 months and two expeditions. My volunteering was as a young leader at Beaver Scouts which was great fun while learning leadership skills.  For the skills section I selected baseball coaching, something I had no experience of when I started, but it has set me on the way from being a PE student to become a teacher. My physical activity was personal fitness which I used for rugby refereeing which has taken me travelling in the past year.  I have just returned from Dubai and the Rugby Sevens tournament.  The DofE expeditions were extremely interesting as we tested our kit to the max in a wet, windy and snowy Snowdonia before going to the Breacon Beacons which was hot at 30°C and not a cloud in the sky for four days.  The conditions couldn’t have been more opposite and differently challenging.


There have been a few lows, but so many highs through my time in Scouting as was completing my Queen’s Scout Award.  2nd Southwater Scout Group are very lucky with having three of their younger adult leaders having completed this award and a further leader holding the award. I hope from this article shows that gaining this award is achievable, no matter what your background. My experience is that everything needed to achieve this award is accessible to everyone in Scouting, can be completed without taking part in non-scouting activities and costs can be kept to a minimum through fund raising.


I have some thank yous to make to the leader team at 2nd Southwater Scouts for the support given as well as my parents whose nagging to complete this award certainly paid off. The district team, including our District Commissioner Peter Scofield for the support, and Jenny Scofield who has been an inspiration.


Now I look forward to receiving my Queen’s Scout Award at Windsor Castle on St George’s Day.