Joining Process

So you want to join Scouting? Great! Here’s how to do it.

Click the Want to Join link here and complete the online form to tell us about yourself. The form can filled in by a parent, a young person or an adult who wants to get involved in Scouting.

The form will go to the Horsham District Want to Join co-ordinator who will send it on to the appropriate Scout Group.

Young Person

We’d love to have all young people join a Section or Unit as soon as they express the wish to do so. However Scouting is very popular and there is a very high demand for places in Beaver Colonies, Cub Packs and Scout Troops. Scout leaders have the responsibility to ensure that the adult:child ratios are maintained to provide a safe and happy experience for our members, this means that when Sections are full  places cannot be offered in some Scout Groups.

Depending on availability, we will offer you a place at a Scout Group near to you. This may not be your first choice but one that may be still acceptable. If it is not suitable (distance away or meeting times), we will maintain a Want to Join list and do our best to contact you as soon as a place at your preferred Section becomes available.

To help us meet this high demand we need more adults to volunteer. If you are a parent of a child wanting to join, why not volunteer to help make your child’s dream a reality?

Adult Volunteers

Adults who have an interest in the healthy growth and development of young people are encouraged to become involved in Scouting. Your skills and knowledge are invaluable to enabling our young people to become adult citizens themselves.

All adults joining Scouting will be subject to suitability checks and interviews including the Disclosure and Barring Services check (DBS). This is an absolute requirement of being an adult in Scouting.

Other training and development may be required depending on the role that you decide to pursue.

Before an adult makes the final decision to become involved in Scouting a conversation with a Group Scout Leader is essential and a pre-arranged visit  to a Scout Group / Unit is encouraged.

Scouting has the objective of developing our members in every aspect of their lives including growing in an understanding of their spirituality. Scouting is available to everyone – to those who have a faith and those who do not. It is essential however that every adult who works with young people accepts the Scout Associations policy on the development of young people and enables them to explore issues such as faith within the context of the balanced programme of training.

Everyone who becomes a member of the Scout Movement is required to make the Promise which traditionally has included the promise of ‘duty to God’. This continues to be basic Promise but alternatives are available to those who cannot in all conscience make such a statement. It will be essential to discuss such issues when making an enquiry about getting involved in Scouting.

Follow this link for more information about the Scout Association’s position on faith and the alternative Promise – Click here for Scout Promises
Watch the video which explains the Scouts decision to offer alternative Promises.


You can also volunteer for  roles that do not require a regular commitment and do not involve direct contact with young people. To find out more about the various roles that need to be filled contact the District Commissioner, your local Group Scout Leader to discuss what you could do or complete the  Want to Join form here and we will get in touch with you.