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Two Rings Challenge Hike – Sat 10 July 2021

Date: 10th July 2021 Location: TBC Sections: Scouts Event Organiser: Scouts Team

If all goes to plan with TSA alert levels we are looking at Sat 10 July 2021 for our rescheduled “Not Two Rings Hike” .

Andy Sands (, Paul Banyard ( and Chris Sturdy ( are working with a team of volunteers to make this event possible.  If you would like to be involved please do contact them – all volunteers welcome.

There will be fun, teamwork, hiking and activity bases as always but to ensure we are covid safe teams will use different routes in to and out of a central area so think of this more as a spider with legs rather than 2 rings this time!!!

Badges for all participants and trophies as usual.  We are looking for team entries by FRIDAY 25 JUNE

Timing: TBC – depending on numbers, provisional start times between 7.30-9.30 am

Duration and duration of participation per team 4-7 hours.

Venue: Centred around The Gallops – (Smerrick’s Copse, 076302 on OS Explorer OL34) but with drop off points in various off-site locations.

What you need to do… 

Enthuse groups of YP of Scout age into teams of 4-7. Due to COVID requirements, each team will require an adult or two to accompany them*. Your troop may enter more than one team but each team will have to be able to walk separately from each other and will therefore each require an accompanying adult. Ideally we ask every troop who enters at least one team to also provide one additional adult to help run a base on the day or potentially act as walking support for the routes.

Because this is the first opportunity many young people will have had to participate in a major outdoor activity and over the last 18 months or so, many of your older Scouts are likely to have moved up to Explorers, we felt it would be appropriate if you wanted to invite a former Scout(s) to return and act as senior patrol leader(s) for each team.

*The adult(s) who accompany the team is not expected to, in fact actively discouraged from assisting the Scouts in their map-reading or activity completion; their participation is for safety reasons and to supervise social distancing.

For those of you familiar with the Two Rings Hike format from previous years, there are some necessary differences to make this event Covid compliant, and while it is perfectly possible that by 10 July, restrictions will have been eased considerably, please bear with us as we make arrangements consistent with what we know now.

The exact details of the event shall be communicated to you soon, but please can you reply with what your troop can commit as soon as possible and no later than the cut-off date of Friday 25 June. The logistics of this event have been uniquely challenging and preparing for the day will require every hour of the 2 weeks afforded to us between cut-off and event.

Looking forward to hearing from you and happy to answer any questions

DDC Chris and Grizzly were just one of the leader teams walking the routes last night as plans are firmed up: –

Grizz and Dux

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
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