District Beaver Hike


On Saturday 16th October, the oldest Beavers from Slinfold, 1st Broadbridge Heath, 2nd Horsham and 2nd Southwater took part in a hike, supported by adult leaders. An event which counts towards their Personal Challenge and Bronze Awards. It was a brilliant afternoon where they walked five kilometres in beautiful sunshine, spotting alpacas, sheep, cows and horses along the way. They even heard the distant growl of the only known dinosaur in captivity in Slinfold!! The Beavers also created a journey stick, collecting mementos from the walk along the way. A fabulous time was had by all, topped off by a local pilot taking off and landing on his runway across the Downs Link as they walked underneath. When the Beavers reached Broadbridge Heath’s Scout Hut, there was the fastest demolition ever seen of a splendid picnic tea, a real treat after ‘walking up’ a healthy appetite. Thank you to all that took part.

“It was cool when the old plane took off over us! It was quite a long walk but the food at the end was full of deliciousness.” Ollie McCarthy (aged 7).