Network: 18-25 Yrs Old

The Scout Network supports a transitional phase of our lives. It’s members are adults who will be embarking on either further education or your first permanent full time job.The culture within the Scout Network reflects the more mature nature of its members with the focus changing from a badge and award-driven culture, to one that assists self development.

But the fun does not stop there and with the support of a Leader, the Scout Network members organise and take part in a variety of activities which can include abseiling, bowling, circus skills, cooking, go-karting, and watersports.

If life takes you away from the Horsham Scout District, Scout Network Members can arrange to meet with and take part in the activities of your new local Scout Network.

But that’s not where the journey ends. Scout Network members also organise activities for other sections and are encouraged to take up leadership roles.

Another option is SSAGO, the Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

SSAGO has branches at many universities and is open to all students at university or higher education college in the UK.

Scout Network Uniform

Network Scouts wear an adult leader uniform with a Scout Network badge. This consists of a stone shirt/blouse and a Group scarf (often called a necker).

Scout Network Logo

Scout Network Uniform