1st Shipley Cubs Conquer Seven Sisters!

On Saturday 4th March, fifteen cubs from 1st Shipley, three leaders, the group chairman and Group Scout Leader embarked from Cuckmere Haven in Exceat heading towards Beachy Head. We walked down the estuary towards the mouth of the river before completing the first of the Seven Sisters. The cubs had conquered all Seven by lunchtime.

Stopping for lunch at Birling Gap, we all enjoyed the sights and sounds of the seaside before dropping down onto the beach for a quick paddle and exploration of pebbles before heading onwards to the lighthouse at the top of the hill. Eight of the brave explorers then chose to continue on and finish their walk at Beachy Head.

For almost all of the Cubs, this was the longest walk that they had ever undertaken, and it was a challenge to say the least. Towards the end we gave the Cubs the option of returning back to Birling Gap once they had reached the lighthouse or to carry on. Having heard almost all of the Cubs talk about how much their legs were aching, I was taken a back by the number who chose to carry on for the remainder of the walk.

“We camped at the scout hut on Friday night and ate popcorn and stayed up until 11pm watching a film! On Saturday we woke up early and had a fry-up then bundled into the minibus to set off to the Seven Sisters. We started our hike carried our backpacks on our backs with our lunch and drinks. During our hike we saw cows and sheep, we could see the sea and lighthouse from a distance. After walking seven hills we had lunch, when we finished we walked along the beach for a little while looking for fossils. After that we walked to the lighthouse,  some of us went back to the minibus but some of us chose to walk three more hills! After that Akela found an ice cream van and we all got an ice cream. We tiredly set off back home and Akela fell asleep on the journey home!” – Emily Taylor, 1st Shipley Cubs. 

“Every single one of the Cubs should be proud of what they achieved on this camp. For some it was their first night away and for others it was the longest walk they’d done but for all it was a chance to work as a team, motivate one another and explore the Seven Sisters. It is proof that Scouting not only provides opportunity for adventure but most importantly provides each and every member with the chance to set new limits and reach new goals.” – Akela, 1st Shipley Cubs. 

By Lizzie Blount